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416CHAMPION is a gender-free, ethical, sustainable and eco-minded clothing brand based out of Toronto, Canada.

We believe in high quality gender-less clothing and strive to provide a flattering unisex fit for all genders. All our products are ethically made in Canada and the United States because we believe strongly in the importance of fair trade practices and we manufacturing products locally to decrease your ecological footprint.  We only use organic cotton and sustainable fabrics with a primary focus on hemp and bamboo blends.
So what's with the name 416CHAMPION? Why 416?
Glad you asked! We're from Toronto, you know that place in Canada where Drake is from that he calls "The 6ix"? One of the OG area codes around here is 416. However that's not the only reason we call ourselves 416 Champion. Our clothes are unisex and made to be worn by everyone no matter their sex or gender expression. You won't find a "men's" and "women's" section in our store. Instead we choose to champion the concept that clothing has no gender. Our clothes are for one sex, the entire spectrum (or should I say 416ex... get it?). Also, fun fact, our founder and lead designer's name is Ashley Champion.